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Union Budget 2023-24: Towards Gender Equality?

Surprisingly, even though the government had been presented with the recommendations of gender economists and the Feminist Policy Collective for moving towards Transformative Financing for Women and G...

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by Vibhuti Patel | On 16 Feb 2023

Mythili Sivaraman: An Interview

First published in 1999, this video interview of Mythili Sivraman, who was vice president All India Democratic Women's Association, with Gnani, Tamil journalist with English subtitles.Mythily speaks a...

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by Gnani Gnani | On 01 Jan 1999

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace: A Continuing Story

The reinstatement at TERI of a man accused of sexual harassment to the post of vice chair even as the case is pending is nothing short of cocking a snook at the law and the norms that came into being...

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by Vibhuti Patel | On 01 Feb 2016

Euthanasia, a Dignified Death: Because Surviving is Not Living

After spending 42 years in a vegetative state, Aruna Shanbaug breathed her last in Mumbai on May 18, 2015. The junior nurse who was brutally assaulted and sodomised by a ward boy in 1973 and whose cas...

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by Rituparna Dutta | On 20 May 2015

Women in Indian Labour Market What Are the Emerging Options?

If women in the unpaid domestic employment categories were to be provided even part-time regular work, they would immensely contribute to the GDP. It is important to generate creative partnerships be...

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by Bino Paul G.D | On 25 Feb 2015

Increased Maternity Leave in India: Managing Redundancy for Women Employees

Economic dependence of women is what gives rise to their subordination in society today. Hence to remove such subordination and to lay the foundation of equality women too must be made economically in...

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by Rituparna Dutta | On 19 Jan 2015

Tribute: Jasodhara Bagchi

Jashodhara Bagchi was a leading Indian feminist critic and a prodigious professor in her field. She was a scholar who voiced women's cause and worked for their empowerment. She also was chairman of...

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by Vibhuti Patel | On 19 Jan 2015

Jasodhara Bagchi : "The Women’s Movement and I"

A short post on PosterWomen that first appeared in July 25, 2011 in which Jasodhara Bagchi, the late feminist scholar and activist talks about her involvement with the women's movement in India.

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by Jasodhara Bagchi | On 25 Jul 2011

"I did not ask for it". Sexual Harassment: Impressions from Mumbai

Sexual harassment is a global issue. In a recent case in Mumbai, two young men, Keenan Santos (24) and Reuben Fernandez (29) were stabbed on 20 Oct 2011 while confronting some unknown men eve-teasing...

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by Indira Gartenberg | On 14 Nov 2011