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State of the Urban Youth, India 2013

The State of the Urban Youth India 2013: Employment, Livelihoods, Skills produced by IRIS Knowledge Foundation, Mumbai on a commission from the UN-Habitat Global Urban Youth Research Network of which it is part, is a first attempt to pull together a data and knowledge base on and of youth in urban India. With commissioned chapters from a number of scholars, the focus of the Report is youth employment and livelihoods in urban India. Through a three-city survey the Report incorporates a youth perspective on the situation of urban youth that is revealed by data and literature. It does not aspire to make recommendations, but only to suggest broadly the need for a paradigm shift in addressing the issue of the urban young so that.

Social Media & Lok Sabha Elections

A study finds that Facebook users may be the new vote bank Indian politicians have to now worry about.

Equity in the Time of Recession Mumbai Youth Struggle to Bridge Yawning Opportunity Gap

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra, a large highly industrialised, progressive state that until a decade ago, reported remarkable progress on social and economic indices. Today, it is still a leading state, but its social indices have deteriorated. This is evidence of its poor performance on creating equality of opportunity for vulnerable sections such as poor/lower middle class youth. We present a report of Mumbai incorporating the perceptions of youth obtained in a survey and discussions conducted in the city in 2009.

eSS Occasional Papers
Technology, Innovation and Development Towards Food, Health and Environmental Security

A selection from the papers presented at the conferences on technology, innocation and the millennium Development Goals in india July 12-14, 2007, Trichirapalli, India.