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So, what do you know about COVID-19?
A study, the preliminary report of which has just been released, looks at people's knowledge on the disease and assess the role of scientists, science communicators and information channels in providing information (and misinformation) and reports surprising findings.

-13 Jun 2020

Adopt ban on evictions and relocations: UN-Habitat
UN-Habitat urges Member States and governments at all levels to stop all relocations and evictions at this time pointing to their obligation to respect, protect and fulfil the right to adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living.

-24 May 2020

73rd World Health Assembly Adopts “National COVID Response” Including Palliative Care
The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC), a Houston based charity registered with the United Nations, is glad to report that the 73rd World Health Assembly, held virtually for the first time in its history, approved the resolution “COVID-19 Response,” committing governme...

-22 May 2020

UN-ICFJ research highlights journalism's critical role in fighting COVID-19 disinformation
New research published by the UN and ICFJ today identifies quality journalism as a major force for identifying and exposing disinformation. And it finds that the ‘viral load’ of disinformation will only grow if journalism continues to suffer death blows inflicted by the pandemic.

-29 Apr 2020

Universities shut down across South and Southeast Asia
Universities and other teaching institutions have been closed across Asia and globally after March 20,2020.

-26 Apr 2020

The Sunday Edit: Communicating science in pandemic times
The pandemic has inevitably prompted a spike in the coverage of science, in the form of medical research and health sciences. Will this lead to better attention to science in the media? Will it prompt a greater interest in science among people...
Padma Prakash

The Sunday Edit: How Will Latin America Weather the Covid-19 Storm?
With most of their fiscal firepower spent and with their political capital draining away, Latin American governments are grappling with the challenge of gradually opening up their economies even before the epidemiological curve has p...
Abhijit Surya

The Sunday Edit: Sports without Spectators: Good for Now, But Hardly the New Normal
Watching the first post-Covid football match in the German League was an experience, but even when all the new technologies that will make the experience real are in play it will not be the same as watching it live. A...
Vidya Subramanian
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