Statement of Concern: Sexual abuse of girls followed by refusal of abortion

CommonHealth (Coalition for Maternal-neonatal health and safe abortion) several leading organisation...

Type: Press Release

On 05 Aug 2017

Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict

The report says Mother Earth cleanses us from violent pollution and her waters renew us as we recov...

Type: Public Talk

On 19 Jun 2017

Medico Friend Circle (MFC) Statement protesting the cancellation of FCRA license to the Public Health Foundation of India

We, the members of Medico Friend Circle (MFC) express our deep concern over the sudden and apparentl...

Type: Petition

On 08 May 2017

Statement of Concern on Defamation of Adivasi Struggle Groups

Statement of Concern on Defamation of adivasi struggle groups like Odisha’s Niyamgiri Suraksha Sa...

Type: Press Release

On 04 May 2017

Marking ADB’s 50 Years, Protest Actions to Take Place in Over 100 Places in India this Week.

New Delhi: Beginning with Workers Day, People’s movements and civil society organisations from acros...

Type: Press Release

On 01 May 2017

WSS Condemns Threats by Bajrang Dal on WSS Activist in Assam

Ms Bondita Acharya, a well known women’s activist from Jorhat, Assam, is being criminally intimidate...

Type: Press Release

On 10 Apr 2017

13 Maruti-Suzuki Workers Convicted of Murder for Forming a Trade Union: National Trade Union Initiative (NTUI) Statement

New Delhi, 10 March 2016: The New Trade Union Initiative condemns the judgment of the Additional Dis...

Type: Press Release

On 11 Mar 2017

Budget 2017: Press Release

HAQ: Centre for Child Rights did a quick analysis of Budget and as always there is a separate state...

Type: Press Release

On 01 Feb 2017

Stop ‘Starving’ Budgets for Child Nutrition!

To reduce malnutrition in Maharashtra – improve nutrition related services Based on substantially in...

Type: Press Release

On 23 Jan 2017

Anna Adhikar Abiyan Maharashtra: Pre budget Consultation on Demands Related to PDS

Maharashtra has been a leading state in the context of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP). The Mah...

Type: Press Release

On 23 Jan 2017