Breathe India: An Action Plan for Combating Air Pollution

A recent WHO database (2018) has identified several of India’s top cities with some of the highest levels of air pollution. Kanpur, Faridabad, Gaya, Varanasi and Patna are the top five most polluted c...

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by Niti Aayog GOI | On 01 Jun 2018

Can Interlinking Rivers and Greening their Banks Save our Cities?

In what turned out to be a most engrossing discussion on “Can Inter-linking our Rivers and Greening their Banks save our Cities?” organized by Environment Support Group at Ashirvad, Bangalore, on Dece...

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by Environment Support Group (ESG) | On 01 Dec 2017

World Economic Outlook, April 2018: Cyclical Upswing, Structural Change

The global economic upswing that began around mid-2016 has become broader and stronger. This new World Economic Outlook report projects that advanced economies as a group will continue to expand above...

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by International Monetary Fund [IMF] | On 01 Apr 2018

The World Development Report 2018 —LEARNING to Realize Education’s Promise

The World Development Report 2018 (WDR 2018)—LEARNING to Realize Education’s Promise—is the first ever devoted entirely to education. And the timing is excellent: education has long been critical to h...

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by World Bank [WB] | On 01 Apr 2018

Implementation of the POCSO Act: Goals, Gaps and Challenges

The study comes at a crucial time when key actors as well as the general public would like to know more about how effective is the implementation of the main law protecting children from sexual abus...

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by Bharti Ali | On 01 Jan 2018

Global Food Policy Report 2018

The 2018 Global Food Policy Report reviews major food policy developments and events from the past year. Leading researchers, policy makers, and practitioners examine what happened in food polic...

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by IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute | On 01 Jan 2018

Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2018: How Technology Affects Jobs

The economic growth outlook for developing Asia remains vibrant. Asian Development Outlook 2018 foresees continued momentum after growth accelerated to 6.1% in 2017. The region is expected to ex...

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by Asian Bank | On 01 Mar 2018

The World Health Report 2013

Universal health coverage, with full access to high-quality services for health promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, palliation and financial risk protection, cannot be achieved without...

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by World Health Organisation (WHO) | On 01 Jan 2013

Cow Vigilantism: Crime, Community and Livelihood January 2016 to March 2018

From 2015 there has been a spate of incidents of violence and intimidation around issues of cow slaughter and beef. These ranged from the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq for alleged cow theft, slaughter...

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by PUDR Peoples Union for Democratic Rights | On 01 Mar 2018

One Hundred Sixth Report On Demands For Grants 2018-19 (Demand No. 42 ) Of The Department Of Health And Family Welfare

The National Health Mission (NHM) encompasses two sub-missions, the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM).

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by Rajya Sabha Secretariat | On 01 Mar 2018