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The 1857 Indian Uprising and the British Empire

Situating the 1857 Indian uprising within an imperial context, Jill C. Bender traces its ramifications across the four different colonial sites of Ireland, New Zealand, Jamaica, and southern Africa. B...

Book: The 1857 Indian Uprising and the British Empire

Book Review: Notes from the 'Other' Side

Book review of Reporting Pakistan By Meena Menon; Penguin Random House, Pp. 340, Rs 599.

Book: Reporting Pakistan

Book Review: Towards an Indian Feminist Science Studies?

Book review of Feminists and Science: Critiques and Changing Perspectives in India, Edited by Sumi Krishna and Gita Chadha (Ed.); Sage/Stree, New Delhi/Kolkata; 2017, Pp. 380, Rs 626.

Book: Feminists And Science: Critiques And Changing Perspectives In India Vol 2

Book Review: Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator

Most of us ride an elevator on a weekly if not daily basis without much thought. The contemporary ordinariness of the elevator, however, obscures its epochal importance. In "Lifted: A Cultural History...

Book: Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator

Book Review : Other Women, Other Lives

Book Review of We Are All Revolutionaries Here: Militarism, Political Islam and Gender in Pakistan, By Aneela Zeb Babar; Sage Yoda Press, Pp.196, Rs 695.

Book: We Are All Revolutionaries Here: Militarism, Political Islam And Gender In Pakistan

Book Review: ‘Kadhakaran of Arabee Cundree’

Review of Temporary People by Deepak Unnikrishnan, Restless Books, New York,USA 224 pp;To be released: March 14, 2017. USD 17.99. ISBN: 9781632061423

Book: Temporary People

Prostitution and the Ends of Empire: Scale, Governmentalities, and Interwar India. Durham: Duke University Press, Review

The book is an important exploration of late colonial preoccupations with the brothel, a "scandalous" space fueling the archival accretions that sustain contemporary historical inquiry. 2015; xi...


Study of Environment can lead to Human Development

Reveiw of ‘Population, Health and Environment’ Edited by Sayeed Unisa, T.V. Sekher, Chander Shekhar, Abhishek Singh, L.K.Dwivedi and M.R. Pradhan by Rawat Pubslishers.

Book: Population, Health and Environment

The Prism of Internal Migration: The Indian Experience

Review on ‘Internal Migration in Contemporary India’ (2016) (Edited by Deepak K. Mishra); Sage Publications, India, 343 pages.

Book: Internal Migration in Contemporary India

The Yogi and the Commissar

It’s the season for media biographies, as NDTV and TV18 publish their life stories. If NDTV comes across as self-righteous TV18 is open about its sins of commission. Chintamani Rao says the books of...

Book: Network 18: The Audacious Story of a Start-up That Became a Media Empire