About Us

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By way of an introduction:

The information environment within which scholars work is undergoing a paradigmatic change. Older systems of knowledge management and dissemination are being challenged by new technologies of the internet, the world wide web and social networking technologies. Parallely, these technologies and the new environment of learning are questioning old notions of copyright. The movement is towards a quick, secure dissemination of knowledge without jeopardizing its legitimate ownership.

The development of social sciences too in this period has been rapid, exploring new areas and dimensions, evolving new concepts appropriate and necessary for the study of new social, political, cultural and economic development.

Access to social science research becomes an imperative especially in developing societies that are constructing development paradigms within democratic polities.

eSocial Sciences addresses these issues by providing a region-focused repository and a new and yet evolving publication space for easy and quick dissemination of scholarly work that can be a space for discourse among researchers, policy makers and the civil society.

In the current milieu where developments in scholarship are so wide ranging, a venture cannot do without the interaction of a wide swathe of scholars. Our editorial support and advise comes from a range of academics and policy makers.

Plan and Objectives:
  • Our primary focus is to be a promoter of rigorous research in the social sciences and humanities on (and largely in) India and South Asia. The objective, however, is to be inclusive rather than exclusive in terms of perspectives and topics. Eventually, the peer reviewed eSocialSciences and Humanities, the journal, will feature research papers and other sections.
  • Our second interest is in promoting younger researchers and new research ideas. This we hope to do through a section that will feature working papers.
  • Our third interest is to encourage policy discussion through a section that provides information, commentary and resources and encourages discourse.
  • Our fourth interest is to keep scholars posted on current developments in the field.
  • Beyond these and simultaneously we hope to build a directory of social science scholars working on and in Asia.