The Humanities of Crisis: Climate Change and the Discipline

From scientific upheavals in the Early Modern to world wars in the twentieth century, Humanities has responded to the crisis and also reinvented itself in terms of methodologies and fields of inquiry....

Category: Humanities

by Pramod K. Nayar | On 14 Nov 2021

Know your Publishing Space: Preprints: Boon or Bane?

This essay addresses preprints, their advantages and disadvantages, the degree of public acceptance, and global promotional campaigns. It also focuses on dubious preprint servers as a source of scient...

Category: Education, Higher

by Shubhada Nagarkar | On 26 Oct 2021

eSSay:The Managerial University and Liberal Arts’ Balancing Act

The managerialism that marks the HEIs has altered the Liberal Arts’ perception of itself and the face it presents to the world. Can the academic manager build opinions, policies and decisions about th...

Category: Education

by Pramod K. Nayar | On 08 Oct 2021

Redressing Violence Against Women in COVID 19: Experience of Hospital-based Centres in Mumbai, India

The pandemic has brought a sharp focus on the issue of domestic violence. Over the last few months while COVID 19 has in general led to deaths and disruption of lives, it has, in particular, been an e...

Category: Gender Issues

by Sangeeta Rege | On 01 Nov 2020

Documenting Heritage of Localities around Hyderabad Issues and Challenges

The story of irrevocable erasure and thoroughgoing transformation is part of the story of ‘development’ around Hyderabad as it is elsewhere. A case study of the transformation affecting the villages i...

Category: Urban Studies and Issues

by Aloka Parasher Sen | On 01 Jul 2018

Corporate Nationalism in the Age of Dystopian Democracy

The intersection of state and corporate interests, rather than the intersection of the state and the public good characterizes the new nationalism. ‘Make in India’ enables local corporates and industr...

Category: Nation, nationalism, nationality

by Pramod K. Nayar | On 15 Aug 2017

“Lasting environmental change requires bottom up and top down approaches”

In an interview with eSocialSciences, Abhishek Narayan, the founder of citizens group Clean Adyar Initiative, opens up on the importance of community involvement in bringing about environmental change...

Category: Interviews

by Amrit B L S | On 08 Aug 2017

Unexplored “Bill of Rights” : A Magna Carta for Gender Justice and Budgeting in India

This paper explores the “Bill of Rights” in the Justice Verma Committee Report as an analytical framework for gender budgeting in justice. Gender budgeting in justice, as a public good, needs effectiv...

Category: Gender Issues

by Lekha Chakraborty | On 03 Mar 2017

In Defence of Traditional Healers: Not What They’re Quack-ed Up To Be

The serious concern over quackery is a shared one, and not solely the province of allopaths, or the courts for that matter. In a plural system like ours, this is to be expected. But looking only to th...

Category: Health Studies

by Devaki Nambiar | On 30 Jan 2017

Theorising Translation At the Level of Discourse Rather Than the Word

To translate Premchand into Tamil (or Tamil into Telugu) is not to translate into a neutral language in the manner of simply exalting, or improving, or diversifying, or nationally integrating. Rather...

Category: Language

by Nikhil Govind | On 01 Jan 2017