Unexplored “Bill of Rights” : A Magna Carta for Gender Justice and Budgeting in India

This paper explores the “Bill of Rights” in the Justice Verma Committee Report as an analytical framework for gender budgeting in justice. Gender budgeting in justice, as a public good, needs effectiv...

Category: Gender Issues

by Lekha Chakraborty | On 03 Mar 2017

In Defence of Traditional Healers: Not What They’re Quack-ed Up To Be

The serious concern over quackery is a shared one, and not solely the province of allopaths, or the courts for that matter. In a plural system like ours, this is to be expected. But looking only to th...

Category: Health Studies

by Devaki Nambiar | On 30 Jan 2017

Theorising Translation At the Level of Discourse Rather Than the Word

To translate Premchand into Tamil (or Tamil into Telugu) is not to translate into a neutral language in the manner of simply exalting, or improving, or diversifying, or nationally integrating. Rather...

Category: Language

by Nikhil Govind | On 01 Jan 2017

Resilient and Responsive Health Systems for a Changing World

A health system should be responsive, resilient, self-regulating. It should be able to respond to health emergencies and changing development scenarios. Governments all over the world should see to it...

Category: Health Studies

by Rajeev B.R. | On 14 Dec 2016

Intellectual Autonomy, Intellectual Property and the New Enclosures

If the public institution is committed to public interest, then privatization of research and teaching cannot be allowed. Work done should be seen, heard and critiqued. Innovation in knowledge can com...

Category: Academic and Cultural Capital

by Pramod K. Nayar | On 01 Oct 2016

Knowing Differently: Innovation and Sustainable Development

If the production and transmission of new knowledge is to have a genuine innovative edge, it must be recognised that this is intrinsically a political act: inherently critical and subversive. There mu...

Category: Academic and Cultural Capital

by Raghav Rajagopalan | On 01 Sep 2016

Changing Nature of FDI: Need to Re-examine the Productivity Spillovers

FDI productivity and technology spill over theories were developed during a period when manufacturing sector dominated FDI flows, and European and the US MNEs enjoyed higher productivity levels compar...

Category: Industry

by N S Siddharthan | On 01 Sep 2016

Labour Law and Governance Reforms in India: A Partial and Misguided View of Employment Relations

Labour regulation in India has engaged the attention of not only policy makers but also social actors, researchers and practioners. Policy measures have started rolling out from the state governments...

Category: Employment

by Shyam Sundar | On 11 Jul 2016

'Steal This Book'

The extent of plagiarism in India is yet to be reckoned. Does rote learning encourage plagiarism? Does the lack of training in proper ways of acknowledging sources lead to inadvertant plagiarism? Thes...

Category: Education, Higher

by Shambhu Ghatak | On 26 May 2016

‘Credit’ Transfer, ‘Capital’ Gains and Intellectual Property in the University: Points from a Case Study

An absolute insistence on profits in numbers is increasingly driving the modern University system today. The insistence on metrics as an index of scholarship has entailed a shift toward the market mod...

Category: Education, Higher

by Pramod K. Nayar | On 02 May 2016