Developing Asia’s Competitive Advantage in Green Products: Learning from the Japanese Experience

Published By: ADBI on eSS | Published Date: July, 06 , 2010

Right now, governments around the world are spending record amounts of money to kick- start their economies in response to the financial crisis. Fortunately, a great opportunity exists for this fiscal stimulus to be directed towards “green” economic growth, which can not only provide the new markets and jobs needed immediately for alleviating poverty, but also address the challenges of global warming. Working models already exist, proving that sustainable growth is possible. To achieve this will require social, technical and structural changes, as well as appropriate policies conducive to eco-innovation. For developing countries, there are lessons that can be learned from countries that have already gone through that process. The aim of this paper is to show what lessons can be learnt from the Japanese case. [ADBI Working Paper 228]

Author(s): Fukuya Lino, Alva Lim | Posted on: Oct 06, 2010 | Views(775) | Download (580)

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