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The Ministry of Utmost Happiness: Activist in Control

In the fleeting moments that the activist takes a backseat, the book is a joy to read....

Category: Current Affairs

by Amrit B L S

Corporate Nationalism in the Age of Dystopian Democracy

The intersection of state and corporate interests, rather than the intersection of the state and the public good characterizes the new nationalism. ‘Make in India’ enables local corporates and industries, rather than public enterprises, to flour...

Category: Essays

by Pramod K. Nayar

Impact of the Draft Central Labour Codes 2017 on CHWs in India

Ashas, the lowest rung of contracted full-time community health workers, face irregular pay and lack social security. Will the draft Central Code on Labour enable their regularization and a fixed wage payment? The air is still unclear....

Category: Current Affairs

by Kavita Bhatia

Book Review : Other Women, Other Lives

Book Review of We Are All Revolutionaries Here: Militarism, Political Islam and Gender in Pakistan, By Aneela Zeb Babar; Sage Yoda Press, Pp.196, Rs 695....

Category: Book Reviews

by Meena Menon

Public Health Care: Too Far, Too Little For Assam’s Riverine Islanders

Who is the public health system actually catering to, if not these vulnerable women and children of the riverine islanders who actually are in dire need of these services? Do they not come under the MDG goal umbrella?...

Category: Current Affairs

by Anjali Paul

Banning Slaughter Houses: Not a Hasty Move

The change in guard of Uttar Pradesh has set the stage for a new chapter in UP politics. But will the fulfilling of election promises result in serious negative economic repercussions? The case of the ban on illegal slaughter houses is a case in point....

Category: Current Affairs

by Aritra Chakrabarty

Book Review: ‘Kadhakaran of Arabee Cundree’

Review of Temporary People by Deepak Unnikrishnan, Restless Books, New York,USA 224 pp;To be released: March 14, 2017. USD 17.99. ISBN: 9781632061423...

Category: Book Reviews

by Kavya Murthy

Unexplored “Bill of Rights” : A Magna Carta for Gender Justice and Budgeting in India

This paper explores the “Bill of Rights” in the Justice Verma Committee Report as an analytical framework for gender budgeting in justice. Gender budgeting in justice, as a public good, needs effective planning and...

Category: Essays

by Lekha Chakraborty

Identity and Marginality in North East India: Challenges for Social Science Research

Conceptualising the Northeast as a singular territory is problematic. But this construction determines the way the region is governed by the Indian state that propagates the idea of a shared identity among peoples fr...

Category: Current Affairs

by N. Atungbo, Prasanta Das, Riku Khutso, Hamari Jamatia

Union Budget 2017-18: Social Sector Largesse Does Not Tell the Whole Story

While there has been a a big jump in allocations to health overall, there is no indication that it will be sustained and will mark a trend....

Category: Current Affairs

by Ravi Duggal