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Know your Publishing Space: Preprints: Boon or Bane?

This essay addresses preprints, their advantages and disadvantages, the degree of public acceptance, and global promotional campaigns. It also focuses on dubious preprint servers as a source of scient...

Category: Education, Higher

by Shubhada Nagarkar | On 26 Oct 2021

'Steal This Book'

The extent of plagiarism in India is yet to be reckoned. Does rote learning encourage plagiarism? Does the lack of training in proper ways of acknowledging sources lead to inadvertant plagiarism? Thes...

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by Shambhu Ghatak | On 26 May 2016

‘Credit’ Transfer, ‘Capital’ Gains and Intellectual Property in the University: Points from a Case Study

An absolute insistence on profits in numbers is increasingly driving the modern University system today. The insistence on metrics as an index of scholarship has entailed a shift toward the market mod...

Category: Education, Higher

by Pramod K. Nayar | On 02 May 2016