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In Defence of Traditional Healers: Not What They’re Quack-ed Up To Be

The serious concern over quackery is a shared one, and not solely the province of allopaths, or the courts for that matter. In a plural system like ours, this is to be expected. But looking only to th...

Category: Health Studies

by Devaki Nambiar | On 30 Jan 2017

Resilient and Responsive Health Systems for a Changing World

A health system should be responsive, resilient, self-regulating. It should be able to respond to health emergencies and changing development scenarios. Governments all over the world should see to it...

Category: Health Studies

by Rajeev B.R. | On 14 Dec 2016

Governance and Health

As we celebrate 60 years of political independence and take pride in our dynamic private sector, our remarkable IT successes and all the other usual dimensions of success, let us remind ourselves that...

Category: Health Studies

by Shankar Acharya | On 30 Aug 2007

Limits of Modern Epidemiological Models: What are the Alternatives?

Modern epidemiology has, by and large, been based on a narrow model of biomedicine and behaviour modification. It fails to answer, for instance the following questions: Why certain populations are inf...

Category: Health Studies

by Vijay Kumar Yadavendu | On 15 May 2007