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Can Interlinking Rivers and Greening their Banks Save our Cities?

In what turned out to be a most engrossing discussion on “Can Inter-linking our Rivers and Greening their Banks save our Cities?” organized by Environment Support Group at Ashirvad, Bangalore, on Dece...

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by Environment Support Group (ESG) | On 01 Dec 2017

Implementation of the POCSO Act: Goals, Gaps and Challenges

The study comes at a crucial time when key actors as well as the general public would like to know more about how effective is the implementation of the main law protecting children from sexual abus...

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by Bharti Ali | On 01 Jan 2018

The Water Gap – The State of the World’s Water 2018

In a startling reminder that our world’s most precious resource is becoming increasingly scarce for too much of the population, reminding us of the need for better and fairer management of Earth’s...

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by Water Aid NGO | On 01 Jan 2018

The India Freedom Report: Media Freedom and Freedom of Expression in 2017

The climate for journalism in India grew steadily adverse in 2017. A host of perpetrators made reporters and photographers, even editors, fair game as there were murders, attacks, threats, and cases...

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by The Hoot the | On 01 Jan 2018

Thirsting for Justice: Transparency and Poor People’s Struggle for Clean Water in Indonesia, Mongolia, and Thailand

This report explores the challenges facing rural communities in Indonesia, Thailand, and Mongolia when they try to obtain information on pollution and evaluates the multiple laws and pathways in e...

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by Carole Excell | On 01 Aug 2017

Rehabilitating Children in Conflict with the Law: Opportunities and Challenges

While discussing about the problems and issues faced by children in India, we have overlooked a category of children that are almost always overlooked are the ‘Children in Conflict with the Law’. Man...

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by HAQ Centre for Child Rights HAQCRC | On 15 Oct 2015

Slum Free India: Myths and Realities- A Status Report on Rajiv Awas Yojana

The present report is a result of efforts that were spread over a period of more than a year (2013 – 2014) and included two national level consultations and sharing meetings held in Delhi, visit to m...

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by Simpreet . | On 01 Jan 2014

Locating the Processes of Policy Change in the Context of Anti-Rape and Domestic Worker Mobilisations in India

The report argues that state responses to women’s claims making provide a complex and variegated picture of a non-linear, slow, sporadic and contingent process of policy change, with iterations and re...

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by Shraddha Chigateri | On 01 Apr 2016

Assam: Analysis of Asset Comparison of Re-contesting MLAs

This report provides an analysis of the assets owned by re contesting MLAs in the Assam Assembly Elections.

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by Association for Democratic Reforms ADR | On 09 Apr 2016

Assam: Analysis of Criminal Background, Financial, Education, Gender and other details of Candidates in Phase 2

This report provides information about the financial, criminal and other backgrounds of the candidates contesting in phase 2 of Assam Assembly Elections.

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by Association for Democratic Reforms ADR | On 05 Apr 2016