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How Does Public Debt Affect the Indian Macroeconomy? A Structural VAR Approach

This study investigates the macroeconomic effects of public debt in India using a Structural Vector Auto regression (SVAR) framework for the period from 1980 to 2017. The objective of this study is to...

On Jan 23, 2019

Examining the Trade-Off Between Price and Financial Stability in India

In recent years, many emerging economies including India have adopted inflation targeting framework. Post the global financial crisis, there is a growing debate on whether monetary policy should targe...

On Jan 23, 2019

What do we Know about Changing Economic Activity of Firms?

Identification of primary economic activity of ¬firms is a prerequisite for compiling several macro aggregates. This paper takes a statistical approach to understand the extent of changes in primary e...

On Jan 23, 2019