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eSS Sunday Edit: Languages of COVID’s Cultural Imaginary

Paintings depicting the great plagues in Europe have remained cultural texts for centuries, documenting not just people’s suffering but also social attitudes, official responses and theological-eschat...

On Aug 30, 2020

Business Standard Weekend Ruminations: The market as weapon: What China has long exploited India has rarely used

Opening up India's market to neighbouring countries can be as strategic as access denial to others. The game should be played both ways, even if it upsets domestic business lobbies.

On Aug 16, 2020

National Education Policy 2020

This Policy proposes the revision and revamping of all aspects of the education structure, including its regulation and governance, to create a new system that is aligned with the aspirational goals o...

On Aug 02, 2020

The Sunday Edit: Sports in/and Schools: Let’s play safe!

Money-spinning school sports tournaments and games are about to be revived, albeit with COVID restrictions, even as sports grounds in schools are deteriorating and disappearing. The National Educatio...

On Aug 02, 2020

Weekend Rumniations: NEP's thrust on mother tongue, the fate of English, and a migrant question

It may never be the language spoken in most homes and remain much smaller than mother tongues, but English will continue to have its place as one of two official languages in India.

On Aug 02, 2020

Book Review of 'Shadow States: India, China and the Himalaya'

Shadow States is a truly important work—well written and based on solid research—thatoffers a novel and necessary perspective from which to view the Sino-Indian border dispute in their shared Himalaya...

On Aug 01, 2020

The Poet in the Republic

India seems to have turned Platonic anxiety on its head, making the utterance of truth a difficult endeavour in this country.

On Aug 01, 2020

It is not enough to have a strong govt; you need a strong country

While the govt has done many things right, it has also made mistakes that have weakened India. It should acknowledge challenges, reverse economic slide, and build national cohesion.

On Jul 27, 2020

eSS Sunday Edit: US Withdrawal from WHO: Damaging. But a time for reform?

The US withdrawal from WHO however temporary should be seen as an opportunity to revisit the numerous recommendations for reform of the structure of WHO that will, among other changes, establish a ste...

On Jul 27, 2020

Introduction: Political Journeys in Health - Essays by and for Amit Sengupta

Understanding science is the only way to understand the microbe—SARS-CoV-2—and what it does to our bodies. Fighting a pandemic requires a well-functioning public health system. The crisis created by...

On Jul 20, 2020