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Book Review: Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator

Most of us ride an elevator on a weekly if not daily basis without much thought. The contemporary ordinariness of the elevator, however, obscures its epochal importance. In _Lifted: A Cultural History...

On Jun 28, 2017

Safe Earth: Making Agriculture Sustainable

The video, produced as part of the AusAID-UNDP Climate Change Adaptation Programme, shares experiences of small and marginal farmers practicing integrated bio-pest management. It encourages farmers to...

On Jun 27, 2017

Education for People and planet: Creating a sustainable futures for all.

Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development At the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, member states adopted a new global development agend...

On Jun 27, 2017

Challenges and Opportunities for Skills Development in Asia: Changing Supply, Demand, and Mismatches

This report identifies six key shifts and trends that have had critical implications on either skills supply and/or skills demand in Asia, thereby straining the previous alignment in this regard.

On Jun 27, 2017

Fiji: Building Inclusive Institutions for Sustained Growth

This study, using an inclusive growth framework, has identified the critical constraints that Fiji needs to address to strengthen investor sentiment even further and achieve inclusive growth.

On Jun 27, 2017

Fiji: Building Inclusive Institutions for Sustained Growth - Executive Summary

The report says Fiji’s economy has seen 5 years of positive growth since 2010 - one of its few episodes of sustained growth since 1970. Growth averaged 3.3% a year during 2010-2014, which is nearly fo...

On Jun 27, 2017

Roadmap for Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration and Deployment in the People’s Republic of China

This report is an assessment of the potential, the barriers and the challenges in demonstrating and deploying Carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the People's Republic of China. It identifies unique l...

On Jun 26, 2017

Strengthening City Disaster Risk Financing in Vietnam

This paper presents a summary of a technical assistance project on the development of disaster risk financing solutions for the cities of Can Tho and Hue and, by extension, for other cities in Viet Na...

On Jun 26, 2017

Asian Development Outlook 2015 Supplement: Growth Holds Its Own in Developing Asia

The report says Asia’s developing economies remain on track to post growth of 5.8% in 2015 and 6.0% in 2016, as the region’s economies remain resilient to continued economic weakness in industrialized...

On Jun 26, 2017

Asian Economic Integration Report 2015: How Can Special Economic Zones Catalyze Economic Development?

The report is an annual review of Asia’s regional economic cooperation and integration. It covers the 48 regional members of the Asian Development Bank. This issue includes Special Chapter: How Can Sp...

On Jun 23, 2017