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Promising new directions for ending anti-LGBT bias and violence in schools

We are happy to announce that the next session of Gender Views will be on “Promising new directions for ending anti-LGBT bias and violence in schools” with the participation of Dr. Eliza Byard. This Gender Views will take place this Friday 15 March from 12:45 to 14:00 in Room II.

Dr. Byard is the Executive Director of GLSEN, an organization recognized worldwide as a pioneering leader in the fight for educational equity and LGBT issues in schools. Dr. Byard joined GLSEN as Deputy Executive Director in 2001, and led the growth of GLSEN’s public education and advocacy efforts, youth leadership development programs, professional development for educators, research and program evaluation capacity, and in-school programming.

Dr. Byard will help us better understand the phenomenon of anti-LGBT violence and discrimination in schools, and to shed light on what measures can be adopted to create inclusive school environments for all.

We look forward to seeing many of you this Friday. Please note that the meeting will be held in English only.


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Posted on : Mar 12, 2019