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High-level policy dialogue between UNESCO and the Republic of Korea

On March 28 2019, UNESCO and the Republic of Korea held a high-level policy dialogue with the objective of enhancing the current partnership and scaling it up further.  

 The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Jean-Yves Le Saux, Director of the Bureau of Strategic Planning (BSP) of UNESCO, and Mr. Hong Seok-In, Director General for Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Korea.

Mr. Le Saux indicated that the Republic of Korea is among the top UNESCO’s donors and expressed appreciation for the steady rise of Korea’s support for UNESCO in recent years. He emphasized that the strong commitment of Korean donors was especially encouraging since it reflected a high level of trust in UNESCO’s efforts to deliver results. Mr. Le Saux also recalled UNESCO’s efforts to mobilize a higher proportion of predictable, less earmarked funding. With reference to the recent MOPAN Assessment, Mr. Le Saux recalled that MOPAN reaffirmed that UNESCO is central to SDGs. 

Mr Hong reaffirmed the commitment of Korean donors to cooperate closely with UNESCO in order to ensure a more effective contribution of the Organization toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Representatives of the Republic of Korea expressed their keen interest in optimizing the potential of its donations by concentrating on programmes within the key areas of UNESCO's comparative advantage, such as education, science and culture. Considering that gender equality and a focus on Africa are global priorities for UNESCO, Mr. Hong also underlined Korea’s interest in expanding collaboration in these areas.

Both parties indicated also that UNESCO’s activities on artificial intelligence and on the Mosul initiative are areas of common interest for cooperation.

The year 2020 will marks the seventieth anniversary of Korea's accession to UNESCO and was identified as an excellent opportunity to showcase the history and results of the cooperation between UNESCO  and the Republic of Korea.


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Posted on : Mar 30, 2019