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Lucknow University Students to Rate Faculty Online

Lucknow University students will be able to rate professors
and their lectures online. A portal that will help students give feedback about
the teaching and academic activities, administration and other student-related
issues will be launched by LU on Tuesday. "After examination every
year, students were given a form to rate their professors and how they taught.
The teaching analysis was done manually and later faculty was briefed about
their report. From now on, this practice will be online," said internal
quality assurance cell in charge Rajiv Manohar.

He said the university only took academic feedback till now
but this portal will also help to get feedback about the university's
administrative functioning. Every student will be given a login and a password to
access the portal.

LU will get an
opportunity to study a module at Martin Luther University in
Germany. LU has signed an MoU with Martin Luther University,
Germany, on Monday, which would allow undergraduate, PG students, research
scholars, and teachers will get an opportunity to study abroad. Selection of
candidates will be done by the German university. A German delegation visited
the university to sign the MoU.



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Posted on : Dec 05, 2017