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Need for central policy to curb marine debris

KOCHI: The two-day national conference on marine debris has called for the formulation of a policy by the Centre to curb the issue of marine debris, one of the biggest threats to aquatic ecosystem.

The plenary session of the conference highlighted that policy formation was necessary to protect the marine and estuarine ecosystem and the fishery resources. Researchers had found presence of micro-plastics inside fishes, indicating plastics had entered the marine food chain. “Stringent rules and regulations are need of the hour to control this situation of accumulating plastic debris in marine ecosystem”, the conference observed.
The conference, which concluded at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), was organised by the Marine Biological Association of India (MBAI).

The conference recommended establishing regulatory councils at the Central and State levels to coordinate the activities for curbing marine and estuarine debris, along with sub centres at the level of local bodies. Among the marine debris, the major threat was from the indiscriminate disposal of various products of plastics and allied materials.

It asked for adopting available technologies of utilisation of plastic debris in laying roads, making plastic binder blocks from polymers, etc. It called for concreted efforts to upscale successful models of waste management, plastic recycling, waste processing and and value addition from wastes..

Experts who spoke at plenary session also called for coordinated efforts of research institutes, local bodies, NGOs, environmental activists, etc. for strengthening the waste management initiatives. They also said that collaborative industry partnership should be facilitated to increase recovery and recycling of plastics to avoid being accumulated in water ecosystem.


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Posted on : Apr 13, 2018