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Who’s Afraid of Naomi Osaka?

As an extraordinarily powerful individual, Naomi Osaka presents challenges to institutional power most of us can only imagine. If she worked in coordination with other top athletes across different sp...

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by Jeffrey Montez de Oca | On 21 Jun 2021

Book Review of 'Black Baseball's Last Team Standing'

The book is extraordinarily well researched, drawing from newspaper accounts in almost thirty different states, and probably the most comprehensive record of the Black Barons and their significance in...

Category: Sports

by David Lee McMullen | On 01 Jun 2020

Just not cricket?

Ashis Nandy, a reputable Indian sociologist, likes the game so well that he declares Indians were the real inventors of cricket. It is an Indian game, he says, accidentally discovered by the British....

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by Stephen Fay | On 24 Jul 2013