Olympic Television: Broadcasting the Biggest Show on Earth

As the Olympic spectacle grows, broadcast coverage becomes bigger, more complex, and more sophisticated. Part sporting event, part reality show, and part global festival, the Olympics can be seen as both intensely nationalistic and a celebration of a shared sense of international community. This book sheds new light on how the Olympic experience ha...

Published by: Routledge

Author(s) Andrew C. Billings, James R. Angelini, Paul J. MacArthur

No Slam Dunk: Gender, Sport, and the Unevenness of Social Change

In just a few decades, sport has undergone a radical gender transformation. However, this book suggests that the progress toward gender equity in sports is far from complete. The continuing barriers to full and equal participation for young people, the far lower pay for most elite-level women athletes, and the continuing dearth of fair and equal m...

Published by: Rutgers University Press

Author(s) Cheryl Cooky and Michael A. Messner

The Social Organization of Sports Medicine Critical Socio-Cultural Perspectives Edited by

The Social Organization of Sports Medicine is the first book-length overview of the social scientific study of sports medicine, drawing together work from an international cadre of scholars who examine and provide interdisciplinary analysis of the dynamic and multi-faceted relationships between sports and medicine and within sports medicine. The bo...

Published by: Routledge

Author(s) Dominic Malcolm, Parissa Safai (Edited)

Desi Hoop Dreams:

Desi Hoop Dreams focuses on South Asian-only basketball leagues common in most major U.S. and Canadian cities, to show that basketball, for these South Asian American players is not simply a whimsical hobby, but a means to navigate and express their identities in 21st century America. One of the first works on masculinity formation and sport partic...

Published by: New York University Press

Author(s) Stanley I Thangaraj

Reflections on Sociology of Sport: Ten Questions, Ten Scholars, Ten Perspectives

In this tenth and celebratory volume in the Research in the Sociology of Sport series, ten recognized and influential sport scholars from around the world reflect on their respective academic journeys. They each address ten salient questions summarizing their career and their view of the current and future status of the sociology of sport. Each cha...

Published by: Emerald Publishing

Author(s) Kevin Young (Editor)

God’s Own Workforce: Unravelling Labour Migration to Kerala

God’s own country, Kerala has emerged as one of the most prominent destinations for migrant workers from all over India.

Published by: Centre for Migration and Inclusive Development

Author(s) Benoy Peter and Vishnu Narendran

Southern Insurgency: The Coming of the Global Working Class

A result of intensive, dedicated firsthand research, at the heart of Southern Insurgency is a study of the nature of the new industrial proletariat in the Global South – a terrifying, precarious existence – but also one of experimentation, solidarity and struggle. Pages: 240 ISBN: 9780745335995 Price: $28.00

Published by: Pluto Press

Author(s) Immanuel Ness

Ground Down by Growth: Tribe, Caste, Class and Inequality in 21st Century India

India’s Dalit and Adivasi communities make up a staggering one in twenty-five people across the globe and yet they remain amongst the most oppressed. Conceived in dialogue with economists, the impact of global capitalism on their lives. It shows how capitalism entrenches, rather than erases, social difference and has transformed traditional forms o...

Published by: Pluto Press

Author(s) Alpa Shah, Jens Lerche, Richard Axelby, Dalel Benbabaali, Brendan Donegan, Raj Jayaseelan and Vikramditya Thakur

Religion and Modernity in India

Making no claim for a novel argument, Religion and Modernity in India distinguishes itself from other works in the field by addressing the interface between religion and modernity in India through “specific empirical case studies.”

Published by: Oxford University Press

Author(s) Sekhar Bandyopadhyay and Aloka Parasher Sen

Writing Resistance: The Rhetorical Imagination of Hindi Dalit Literature

Writing Resistance is the first close study of the growing body of contemporary Hindi-language Dalit (low caste) literature in India. The Dalit literary movement has had an immense sociopolitical and literary impact on various Indian linguistic regions, yet few scholars have attempted to situate the form within contemporary critical frameworks. Lau...

Published by: Primus Books

Author(s) Laura R. Brueck