Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator

Before skyscrapers forever transformed the landscape of the modern metropolis, the conveyance that made them possible had to be created. Invented in New York in the 1850s, the elevator became an urban fact of life on both sides of the Atlantic by the early twentieth century. While it may at first glance seem a modest innovation, it had wide-ranging...

Published by: NYU Press

Author(s) Andreas Bernard

Behold, I Shine, Narratives of Kashmir's Women and Children by Freny Maneckshaw

This book also brings to focus the resilience of the Valley’s women and children—of activists like Parveena Ahangar and Anjum Zamrud Habib, who, after debilitating losses, start human rights organizations; of ordinary homemakers like Munawara who have taken on the judiciary and of a young generation of thinkers like Uzma Falak and Essar Batool who...

Published by: Rupa Publications

Author(s) Freny Manecksha

Whispers Of War: An Afghan Freedom Fighter's Account Of The Soviet Invasion

Whispers of War: An Afghan Freedom Fighter’s Account of the Soviet Invasion is the real-life tale of a young political leader, Masood Khalili. Son of Ustad Khalilullah Khalili, the great Afghan poet, he motivated his people and led them in their fight against the ‘Red Army’. Alongside his friend Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, Khalili traveled by foo...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Masood Khalili

Feminists And Science: Critiques And Changing Perspectives In India Vol 2

Feminists and Science, volume 2, critiques the relationship between science, gender and patriarchies in the Indian context from a multi-disciplinary perspective. This volume addresses the complexity of local knowledge and the politics of knowledge-making, interrogates how creativity and the practices of science are gendered, explores the methodolog...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Sumi Krishna and Gita Chadha

We Are All Revolutionaries Here: Militarism, Political Islam And Gender In Pakistan

What might link a group of middle-class Pakistani women sipping coffee demurely in a living room, with the fiery young women in black burqas threatening shopkeepers in Islamabad? When and how do an adolescent girl’s aspirations translate into the maturing of a social and political revolution in urban Pakistan? Will this woman find a resolution to h...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Aneela Zeb Babar

Sociology Of Well-Being: Lessons From India

This book explains well-being through insights gathered from qualitative interviews with Indians from different walks of life. It shows that well-being is mixed and transient, shifting in interactions. It reveals the universals that lead to well-being, bringing out interlinkages between health, wealth, and pleasure. Explaining variations by gender,...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Steve Derne

Openings For Peace: UNSCR 1325, Women And Security In India

This is one of the first crucial discussions on what can be adapted and implemented in the United Nations Security Council’s Resolution 1325 on women, peace, security (WPS) and militarization in the Indian context. It examines cases that reveal the expanded context of conflict and insecurity, showing the possible relevance and limitations of the UN...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Asha Hans and Swarna Rajagopalan

Analysing China's Soft Power Strategy And Comparative Indian Initiatives

This volume examines the evolution and application of China’s soft power with particular focus on various strategic initiatives such as cultural and public diplomacy, Confucius institutes, development assistance and infrastructure building, media collaborations and healthcare diplomacy. This is to emphasize cooperation and partnerships while advanc...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Parama Sinha Palit

Women And Politics Of Peace: South Asia Narratives On Militarization, Power and Justice

Inspired by the vision and values of women of the South Asian Peace Network, this volume fills a critical gap in the global Women Peace and Security (WPS) discourse. The chapters focus on the region’s multifaceted experiences and feminist expertise on women negotiating post-war–post-conflict situations structured around interlinked themes—women, pa...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Rita Manchanda

Demystifying Criminal Justice Social Work In India

The book encourages social work professionals and students to consider three major areas: encouraging education and training in this subject; protecting the human rights of offenders and victims of crime; and addressing mental illness within the criminal justice system. It hopes to demystify social work in the area of criminal justice, particularly...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Mark David Chong and Abraham P. Francis