The 1857 Indian Uprising and the British Empire

Situating the 1857 Indian uprising within an imperial context, Jill C. Bender traces its ramifications across the four different colonial sites of Ireland, New Zealand, Jamaica, and southern Africa. Bender argues that the 1857 uprising shaped colonial Britons' perceptions of their own empire, revealing the possibilities of an integrated empire that...

Published by: Cambridge University Press

Author(s) Jill C. Bender

The Writer, The Reader And The State: Literary Censorship In India

This book offers a comprehensive account of the censorship of literature in India since Independence and the recent trends in literature banning

Published by: SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Author(s) Mini Chandran

Journalism Through RTI: Information Investigation Impact

The RTI Act has helped investigative journalism in getting information that otherwise would have been almost impossible to unearth despite legal provisions.

Published by: SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Author(s) Shyamlal Yadav

Selfing The City: Single Women Migrants And Their Lives In Kolkata

This ethnographical study explores the process of migration and its economic, social and psychological dimensions, throwing light on the connection between middle-class women migrants and city spaces.

Published by: SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Author(s) Ipshita Chanda

Tagore's Ideas Of The New Woman: The Making and Unmaking Of Female Subjectivity

This book theorizes the continuous reconfigurations—‘making’ and ‘unmaking’—of female subjectivity in Tagore’s life, his times, and his works. This transhistorical approach in the book makes gender formations and discourses of the past relevant and necessary to the understanding of postmodern gender issues and ideologies.

Published by: SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Author(s) Chandrava Chakravarty and Sneha Kar Chaudhuri

Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator

Before skyscrapers forever transformed the landscape of the modern metropolis, the conveyance that made them possible had to be created. Invented in New York in the 1850s, the elevator became an urban fact of life on both sides of the Atlantic by the early twentieth century. While it may at first glance seem a modest innovation, it had wide-ranging...

Published by: NYU Press

Author(s) Andreas Bernard

Behold, I Shine, Narratives of Kashmir's Women and Children by Freny Maneckshaw

This book also brings to focus the resilience of the Valley’s women and children—of activists like Parveena Ahangar and Anjum Zamrud Habib, who, after debilitating losses, start human rights organizations; of ordinary homemakers like Munawara who have taken on the judiciary and of a young generation of thinkers like Uzma Falak and Essar Batool who...

Published by: Rupa Publications

Author(s) Freny Manecksha

Whispers Of War: An Afghan Freedom Fighter's Account Of The Soviet Invasion

Whispers of War: An Afghan Freedom Fighter’s Account of the Soviet Invasion is the real-life tale of a young political leader, Masood Khalili. Son of Ustad Khalilullah Khalili, the great Afghan poet, he motivated his people and led them in their fight against the ‘Red Army’. Alongside his friend Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, Khalili traveled by foo...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Masood Khalili

Feminists And Science: Critiques And Changing Perspectives In India Vol 2

Feminists and Science, volume 2, critiques the relationship between science, gender and patriarchies in the Indian context from a multi-disciplinary perspective. This volume addresses the complexity of local knowledge and the politics of knowledge-making, interrogates how creativity and the practices of science are gendered, explores the methodolog...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Sumi Krishna and Gita Chadha

We Are All Revolutionaries Here: Militarism, Political Islam And Gender In Pakistan

What might link a group of middle-class Pakistani women sipping coffee demurely in a living room, with the fiery young women in black burqas threatening shopkeepers in Islamabad? When and how do an adolescent girl’s aspirations translate into the maturing of a social and political revolution in urban Pakistan? Will this woman find a resolution to h...

Published by: SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

Author(s) Aneela Zeb Babar