Temporary People

In the United Arab Emirates, foreign nationals constitute over 80 percent of the population. Brought in to construct and serve the towering monuments to wealth that punctuate the skylines of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, this labor force is not given the option of citizenship. Until now, the humanitarian crisis of the so-called “guest workers” of the Gulf...

Published by: Restless Books, New York, USA

Author(s) Deepak Unnikrishnan

Prostitution and the Ends of Empire: Scale, Governmentalities, and Interwar India

Stephen Legg tracks the complex spatial politics surrounding brothels in the interwar period at multiple scales, including the local, regional, national, imperial, and global. 2014; 296 pp; USD 25.95 (paperback). ebook available on Amazon kindle.

Published by: Duke University Press, Durham

Author(s) Stephen Legg

Social Entreprenuership: Working Towards Greater Inclusiveness

Based on in-depth case studies that highlight the efforts of selected third sector organisations, this book brings to light the emergence of social entrepreneurship in India. The cases focus on the roles of locally established methods and community participation in carrying out sustainable social transformation. Social Entrepreneurship: Working...

Published by: Sage

Author(s) Rama Krishna Reddy Kummitha

School Worlds: An Ethnographic Study

School Worlds addresses debates on: • The role that a school plays in the construction of gender, social class and religious attitudes of its students • The kind of interactions that take place in school settings due to the varied perceptions of these social identities • The influence of peer relations and the manner in which gender differ...

Published by: Sage

Author(s) Anuradha Sharma

China and India: History, Culture, Cooperation and Competition

This book brings together scholars and academicians from China as well as India to present a well-rounded perspective on various important cross-country issues and their implications. Comprehensive in approach, it encompasses history, culture, political relations and current business strategies of both the nations. The book explores the differences...

Published by: Sage

Author(s) Paramita Mukherjee , Arnab K. Deb, Miao Pang

Indian Travel Writing, 1830-1947

Indian Travel Writing is a new five-volume collection co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse. Hitherto, the paucity of readily available travel writing produced by imperial subjects themselves has long been apparent, and this anthology addresses that lack. A veritable treasure-trove, it brings together scarce documents which are currently wi...

Published by: Routledge

Author(s) Pramod.K.Nayar

English Siege and Prison Writings: From the ‘Black Hole’ to the ‘Mutiny’

This volume brings together an unusual collection of British captivity writings – composed during and after imprisonment and in conditions of siege. Writings from the ‘Mutiny’ of 1857 are well known, but there exists a vast body of texts, from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Burma, and the Indian subcontinent, that have rarely been compiled or examined.

Published by: Routledge India

Author(s) Pramod K. Nayar

India on the Western Screen: Imaging a Country in Film, TV, and Digital Media

An insightful analysis and impact assessment of the ways in which India is portrayed on different screens in the west This book examines the nuances of multiple images—cinema, TV, computer, and smartphones—that feed into the making of a new Indian narrative and showcase an India that is very different from the unilinear notion that used to exist...

Published by: SAGE India

Author(s) Ananda Mitra

Quality Management in Higher Education

A timely intervention as higher education in India begins to pay equal importance to Quality, alongside Access and Equity. Indian higher education is the third largest in the world. It is undergoing unprecedented expansion and reforms. Yet, no Indian university figures among the World’s Top 100! The problem lies primarily with the quality of hig...

Published by: SAGE India

Author(s) Marmar Mukhopadhyay

Network 18: The Audacious Story of a Start-up That Became a Media Empire

As Indians got their first taste of satellite television during the first Gulf War, Raghav Bahl saw his future in the signals flickering across the small screen. Armed with burning ambition, keen business sense and amazing audacity, he assembled a group of talented professionals and rank beginners to launch one of India’s earliest start-up success...

Published by: Penguin Random House

Author(s) Indira Kannan