Microfinance and the Millennium Development Goals in Pakistan: Impact Assessment Using Propensity Score Matching

Published By: ADBI on eSS | Published Date: March, 25 , 2008

Using data from a survey of clients of a microfinance bank, Khushhali Bank, in 2005, the study revisited the survey data and found that despite the Bank’s strict poverty-targeting program used in client selection and despite the survey’s design to address the selectivity bias, the selectivity bias indeed still existed in the sampled households. Propensity Score-Matching Methods (PSM) are used to address the selectivity bias. [DP 104].

Author(s): Sununtar Setboonsarng, Ziyodullo Parpiev | Posted on: Jan 25, 2010 | Views(1853) | Download (1066)

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