Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisations in India: Extent, Nature and Structure.July 2010

Published By: CDS on eSS | Published Date: October, 29 , 2010

The corporate sector all over the world is restructuring its operations through mergers and acquisitions in an unprecedented manner in order to successfully overcome the challenges posed by globalization. One of the striking features of the present mergers and acquisitions scenario is the presence of a large number of cross-border deals, which is an easier way of internationalization comparing Greenfield mode of entry. Further, this is leading to a gradual shift in the organic ways of foreign investment into inorganic means of brownfield investment. In this context, the present study tries to understand the nature and extent of such deals in India in the backdrop of global scenario. [Working Paper No. 434]

Author(s): Beena Saraswathy | Posted on: Oct 29, 2010 | Views(1329) | Download (1196)

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