China, India, Brazil and South Africa in the World Economy: Engines of Growth?

Published By: UNU-WIDER on eSS | Published Date: June, 15 , 2008

This paper attempts to analyse the economic implications of the rise of China, India, Brazil and South Africa, for developing countries situated in the wider context of the world economy. It examines the possible impact of their rapid growth on industrialized countries and developing countries, which could be complementary or competitive and, on balance, positive or negative. In doing so, it considers the main channels of transmission, to focus on international trade, investment, finance and migration. The essential question is whether, in times to come, these four countries could be the new engines of growth for the world economy. [Discussion Paper No. 2008/05]

Author(s): Deepak Nayyar | Posted on: Oct 15, 2010 | Views(1486) | Download (934)

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