Sexism's toll on Journalism

Published By: Reporters Without Borders RSF | Published Date: March, 08 , 2021

The report shows that the two-fold danger to which many women journalists are subjected is far too common, not only in traditional reporting fields as well as new digital areas and the Internet, but also where they should be protected: in their own newsrooms. By sexism, RSF means all forms of gender-based violence, including discrimination, insults, sexual harassment, unwanted touching, verbal and physical sexual assaults, threats of rape and even rape itself. These activities have a damaging effect on the diversity of news and information. The survey is based mainly on the assessment of responses to a ques tionnaire sent to 150 people in 120 countries.

Author(s): Reporters Without Borders RSF | Posted on: Mar 08, 2021 | Views() | Download (135)

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