Rise of the ‘Posthumanities’: Exit, the Human…Pursued by a Cyborg

Published By: eSS, Mumbai, India | Published Date: March, 25 , 2009

The Humanities in the 21st century has to contend with both critique and context. It has to account as an anthropocentric, imperial discipline that not only privileged the human over other forms of life, but also some kinds of humanity. It also has to negotiate with a context where accepted notions of the human have eroded through the technological ‘interfacing’ of humans with machines and animals. The Humanities must, therefore, reinvent itself if it has to stay relevant for the present contexts and politics, since the object of its study has been reinvented.

Author(s): Pramod K. Nayar | Posted on: Jun 25, 2009 | Views(3016) | Download (2002)

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