Development Trajectory, Emission Profile, and Policy Actions: Thailand

Published By: ADBI on eSS | Published Date: April, 12 , 2012

Thailand has made significant progresses toward green and low-carbon development; however, there is a need to further address the issue. The country has to focus on the implementation of no-regret policies to ensure the decoupling of economic growth, while starting to look further at implementing least-cost policies. There should be short-term policies to immediately address a rapid increase of greenhouse gas emissions and long-term policies to address fundamental changes towards a green and low-carbon society.[ADBI Working Paper No. 352]. URL:[].

Author(s): Qwanruedee Chotichanathawewong, Natapol Thongplew | Posted on: Apr 16, 2012 | Views(284) | Download (84)

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