Reviving Lakes and Wetlands in the People's Republic of China, Volume 2 - Lessons Learned on Integrated Water Pollution Control from Chao Lake Basin

Published By: Asian Development Bank Institute | Published Date: May, 01 , 2015

The government has taken unprecedented steps to create a basic framework to achieve its long-term objective of improving water quality in Chao Lake and protecting and maintaining all of its economic, ecological, and aesthetic values. The key steps were (i) the development of a coherent and comprehensive master plan, (ii) the creation of an administrative structure that places most of the upper catchment within the jurisdiction of a single administrative body (Hefei City), and (iii) the creation of the Chao Lake Management Authority (CLMA) as the institution with prime authority and responsibility for managing the lake.

Author(s): Asian Development Bank Institute | Posted on: Mar 15, 2016 | Views() | Download (120)

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