Rethinking the Development of Post-War Sri Lanka Based on the Singapore Model

Published By: Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, M | Published Date: July, 01 , 2017

This study explores three major points, namely, Singapore's development process,Singapore's model of economic development, and the economic challenges of post-war Sri Lanka. This study explores pages of Singapore's past and elaborates the focal points that resulted in its current development status. Sri Lanka's development is discussed and compared with that of Singapore. Insights into Sri Lanka and other developing countries are also provided. This study revealed clear influences of nation-building process on Singapore's economic development. By contrast, Sri Lanka's civil war that spans three decades and its politically unstable post-colonial history adversely affected the country's development. The industrial sectors of Sri Lanka are concentrated on low-skilled labor and manufacturing, mainly textile and clothing. The civil war in Sri Lanka ended in 2009, but many challenges remained. Therefore, this study examines the impact of Singapore is creating policies for (re)nation building and (re)setting economic goals for post-war Sri Lanka.

Author(s): Sanika Sulochani Ramanayake, Chandana Shrinath Wijetunga | Posted on: Jul 25, 2017 | Views() | Download (208)

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