Assessment of Microinsurance as Emerging Microfinance for the Poor: The Case of the Philippines

Published By: Asian Development Bank | Published Date: January, 01 , 2017

The report says that the Government of the Philippines was engaged in delivery of subsidized credit programs. Since these programs were largely unsuccessful in meeting the objective of providing sustainable access to credit and other financial services for the poor, it led to development of the National Strategy for Microfinance in 1997. This was followed by issuance of policy measures and associated regulations as well as enactment of new laws, prompting the government to leave provision of credit to the private sector. The microfinance industry developed rapidly as a result, applying market-based financial and credit policies such as market-oriented interest rates on loans and deposits.

Author(s): Asian Development Bank Institute | Posted on: May 08, 2017 | Views() | Download (244)

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