Salient Aspects of the Growth Story of Indian Railways 1981-82 through 2007-08

Published By: CESS on eSS | Published Date: April, 10 , 2010

This paper makes an attempt to provide a broad overview of the salient aspects of the growth story of Indian Railways (IR) since independence. More specifically, the study aims to analyse the trends of output and employment for the period 1981-82 through 2007-08. The entire study period is divided into three sub-periods - Period I (1981-82 to 1991-92); Period II (1992-93-2002-03); Period III (2003-04 to 2007-08). In addition, the study also looks at the 'turnaround' story of IR. [Working Paper No. 86] URL: []

Author(s): G. Alivelu | Posted on: Mar 10, 2011 | Views(781) | Download (128)

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