Coordinating Healthcare and Pension Policies: An Exploratory Study

Published By: ADBI on eSS | Published Date: August, 01 , 2012

Rapid ageing of the population globally represents an unprecedented historical trend. As pension and healthcare costs are positively correlated with rising incomes, ageing, urbanization, and a shift from communicable to life-style diseases, managing these costs is a major challenge. There are many linkages between healthcare and pension arrangements—in terms of costs, exposure to risks, and as they jointly impact on crucial policy decisions. This paper discusses the rationale for coordination between various programs to better manage the cost of ageing. The current difficult macroeconomic environment, including fiscal stringency conditions, strengthens the case for such coordination. [ADBI Working Paper 374] URL:[].

Author(s): Azad Singh Bali, Mukul G Asher | Posted on: Aug 20, 2012 | Views(494) | Download (353)

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