Sports Retailing in India: Opportunities, Constraints and Way Forward

Published By: ICRIER on eSS | Published Date: June, 13 , 2010

Sports retail is a small but fast growing segment of modern retail in India. Recently, the country has been hosting many international sports and this has given a boost to this sector. Many foreign and domestic corporate retailers have entered sports retail. Sports goods manufacturing is a focus area in the Foreign Trade Policy (2009-2014) and the government is taking a fresh look at the current foreign direct investment policy in retail. In the above context, this paper provides an overview of the sports retail sector in India. Specifically, it presents the different retail formats, consumer profile, retailers’ supply chain and sourcing. It also examines the retail and sports policies and their implications for this segment of retail, analyses the barriers faced by this sector and suggests policy reforms. [Working Paper No. 250]

Author(s): Arpita Mukherjee, Ramneet Goswami, Tanu M Goyal, Divya Satija | Posted on: Aug 13, 2010 | Views(1066) | Download (684)

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