Foodgrains Policy and Management in India: Responding to Today’s Challenges and Opportunities

Published By: IGDIR on eSS | Published Date: March, 16 , 2007

Indian public foodgrains management, perhaps still motivated by the experiences of the 1960s to attain and maintain self-sufficiency in foodgrains to achieve food security, has outlived its’ usefulness. The government successfully used foodgrains price stabilization as a major policy instrument when it embarked on promoting the Green Revolution. However, times have changed: policies and public agencies that may have been appropriate forty years ago are not necessarily optimal today. Private markets and institutions have strengthened significantly – or could be strengthened significantly – and should be entrusted with many of the functions that parastatals, or other government agencies, have traditionally performed. [PP-056] URL: []

Author(s): A. Ganesh Kumar, Ashok Gulati, Ralph Cummings Jr. | Posted on: Jun 16, 2011 | Views(721) | Download (132)

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