Crop Insurance in India

Published By: IIM-A on eSS | Published Date: June, 06 , 2010

This working paper discusses the dependence of Indian agriculture on uncertain rains. In addition the farmers experience other production risks as well as marketing risks related to different crop enterprises and for different agro-climatic regions and areas. It then argues on the need for crop insurance as an alternative to manage production risk. It then takes up the historical overview of crop insurance products and their performance. It is followed by the discussion on the currently available crop insurance products for specific crops and regions. It discusses at length the two important products, namely, National Agricultural Insurance Scheme and Weather Based Insurance Scheme. It also reflects on some deficiencies in these products. [W.P. No. 2010-06-01

Author(s): Gurdev Singh | Posted on: Jul 06, 2010 | Views(1192) | Download (1374)

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