Internationalisation of the Rupee

Published By: National Institute of Public Finance and Policy Ne | Published Date: February, 07 , 2018

This paper evaluates the current status of the Indian Rupee as an international currency using the Chinn and Frankel (2008) framework, and explores the possibility of future Indian Rupee internationalisation. The paper also finds that the Indian Rupee has a negligible role as an official sector currency. It has some use as a reserve currency in its economic sphere of influence, but no role as an anchor or intervention currency. Private actor adoption of the Indian Rupee is much larger and more diverse than the official sector. However, this role is mostly restricted to financial flows and portfolio investment. In terms of trade invoicing and settlements in the private sector, the Indian Rupee plays a limited role due to concerns of convertibility and risk management.

Author(s): Shekhar Hari Kumar, Ila Patnaik | Posted on: Feb 27, 2018 | Views() | Download (468)

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