Inter State River Water Disputes in India: A Geographical Analysis

Published By: Academia | Published Date: January, 01 , 2016

Rivers are life line of the human being. Indian rivers are worshiped as a mother, because she cares the humanity and makes the ways easy for the people and living organism. Without the water no one can alive on the earth surface. This paper is based on the rivers of India and the major river water disputes among the states. On the basis of the paper we can say that the importance of the river water is increasing day by day. Due to the less water discharge in the rivers and water necessity is increasing at fast rate. In the current scenario the river water dispute is the one of the problematic issue. To solve the river water dispute there are many tribunals established in India. This paper presents major and detailed account of the interstate river water disputes. According to the 1992 International Conference on Water and the Environment water is a vital element for human life, and human activities are closely connected to availability and quality of water. Water dispute occur because the demand for water resources and potable water can exceed supply, or because control over access and allocation of water may be disputed. Elements of a water crisis may put pressures on affected parties to obtain more of a shared water resource, causing diplomatic tension or outright conflict. This study suggests the effective measure to decrease the rate of the disputes among the states of India.

Author(s): Brijendra Nath Singh | Posted on: Sep 20, 2016 | Views()

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