Shanghaied, not Bangalored

Published By: Business Standard on eSS | Published Date: October, 30 , 2010

American jobs are being lost because of outsourcing, to places like Bangalore. So, unlike many other visiting dignitaries, President Obama is going to give that city a careful miss during his three-day Indian sojourn. That stands to reason, given that he has already announced visa restrictions that will affect India’s software giants, and tax changes to prevent the “exporting of American jobs”, as Lou Dobbs says it. President Obama is, therefore, coming to India with the economic agenda as his main focus; and at the core of that is the promise to open up the Indian market in order to create more jobs for Americans. The message from Washington, a week before Mr Obama arrives, is that the trip is oriented to addressing the audience back home, where unemployment features as a major issue.

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