Solar Energy and Economic Development In India: A Review

Published By: International Journal of Emerging Technology and A | Published Date: February, 01 , 2014

Shortage of electricity prompted the countries to give a momentum to renewable energy resources. Renewable energy refers to energy resources that Aries naturally and repeatedly in the environment and can be harnessed for human benefits. It includes solar, wind and geothermal energy. We also get renewable energy from tree and plants, rivers and even municipal solid waste. We discuss in this paper about solar energy. In rural areas the major problem is deficiency of electricity and because of this these areas are still far behind then urban areas in case of development.. India’s grid system is considerably under developed, with major section of its populace site surviving in deficiency for electricity. As per the record of 2006, there are 80,000 un-electrified villages in the country, out of which 18,000 villages are not electrified till now. Indian government in the budget of 2010- 11 has allocate Rs. 1000 crore approx for Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission including clean energy fund establishment. It can give satisfactorily result towards the development and enhancement of solar energy equipment. In this paper we discuss an overview of global solar energy, Indian solar energy, economical development and solar energy potential.

Author(s): L P Singh, Santosh Kumar, Gaurav Kumar Gaur, A K Ojha | Posted on: Jan 04, 2017 | Views()

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