Recalibrating the ASEAN Security Community

Published By: S. Rajaratnam School Of International Studies | Published Date: June, 21 , 2006

Against the recent conflicts and crises facing the region, the spotlight is once again directed at ASEAN’s plans for an ASEAN Security Community (ASC). What is significant in this slew of crises that have unfolded – be it the looming threat of a failing state or complex humanitarian emergencies caused by intra-state conflicts – is their uncanny frequency in occurrence. These issues, often classified as non-traditional security threats, have demonstrated their capacity to deleteriously affect states and societies beyond national borders. As such, they require more attention and should be read as signals to recalibrate the proposals under the ASC.

Author(s): Mely Caballero-Anthony | Posted on: Feb 26, 2016 | Views() | Download (180)

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