A Thousand Industries In A Thousand Days? State Business Relations and The Puzzle of Orissa's Industrial Performance

Published By: CESS on eSS | Published Date: March, 11 , 2011

In this paper, the phenomenon of 'two types of industrialisation' in Orissa is documented where a fast growing resource based manufacturing sector has co-existed with a stagnant non-resource based manufacturing sector. It is attempted to understand this puzzle - when an abundance of policy initiatives by successive state governments have not led to a corresponding increase in non-metal based industrial performance. [WP No. 97]. URL:[http://www.cess.ac.in/cesshome/wp/CESS_Working_paper_97_Alivelu_Orissa.pdf].

Author(s): Deepita Chakravarty, Alivelu G, Avinash Samal, Kunal Sen | Posted on: Jul 11, 2011 | Views(719) | Download (177)

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