Equity and Health­ Care in the Era of Reforms

Published By: CEHAT on eSS | Published Date: April, 09 , 2009

Two important policy shifts occurred with the period of economic reforms: one, the sharp reduction in the controlled drug list leading to significant increase in drug prices, and second, the introduction of two ­tier services in public hospitals in an attempt to put more flexible funds in the hands of hospital administrators. This paper looks at these and other changes through their impact on four different indicators: untreated morbidity, reasons for non­treatment, the shifting public and private mix, and distribution of care across different economic groups, and the cost of care. A class and gender analysis is undertaken going beneath the aggregate numbers using a simple gradient – gap methodology to capture the essence of health inequalities.

Author(s): Gita Sen | Posted on: Jan 18, 2016 | Views() | Download (537)

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