Healthy States, Progressive India: Report on the Ranks of States and Union Territories

Published By: Niti Aayog on eSS | Published Date: February , 2018

The exercise, which is the first of its kind attempted by the Union Government was conducted over a period of eighteen months. In addition to the technical expertise of the World Bank, experts in public health, economics, statistics and health systems were consulted in the development of the Index. It involved extensive engagement with the States for finalization of the indicators, sensitization workshops for sharing the methodology, process of data submission and addressing concerns; mentoring of States for the data submission process on an online portal and independent data validation. The process of Index development and implementation highlighted the large gaps in data availability on health outcomes.

Author(s): Niti Aayog GOI, World Bank [WB], Ministry of family and Welfare MoHFW, GOI | Posted on: Feb 09, 2018 | Views() | Download (294)

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