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Space India 2.0 Commerce, Policy, Security and Governance Perspectives
This book addresses many of these prevalent policy issues and suggests measures to address them from the varied perspectives of space commerce, space policy, space security, global governance, and in...
by  | On 14 Apr 2017
Goods and Services Tax in India: An Opportunities and Challenges
Value added tax was first introduced by Maurice Laure, a French economist, in 1954. The tax was designed such that the burden is borne by the final consumer. Since VAT can be applied on goods as well...
by  | On 13 Apr 2017
Public Health Care: Too Far, Too Little For Assam’s Riverine Islanders
Who is the public health system actually catering to, if not these vulnerable women and children of the riverine islanders who actually are in dire need of these services? Do they not come under the M...
by  | On 10 Apr 2017
Haryana Budget : 2017-18
Haryana Budget presented by Hon'ble Minister Capt. Abhimanyu.
by Haryana Government | On 07 Mar 2017
Kerala Budget 2017-18
Kerala budget presented by Hon.Finance Minister Thomas Issac.
by T.M. Thomas Issac | On 06 Mar 2017
Poverty Targeting Through Public Goods
In national accounts, government expenditures are used to measure the value of public spending. These expenditures grossly overestimate the value of services received by Indian households because th...
by Anders Kjelsrud | On 01 Mar 2017
Anger Management: Aggression and Punishment in the Provision of Public Goods
The ability to punish free-riders can increase the provision of public goods. However, sometimes the benefit of increased public good provision is outweighed by the costs of punishments. One reason a...
by  | On 21 Feb 2017
Caste Connections and Government Transfers: The Mahadalits of Bihar
The category of Scheduled Castes, created for the purpose of affirmative action in India, is large, heterogeneous and unequal. In 2007, the state of Bihar classified the most disadvantaged among thi...
by Hemanshu Kumar | On 16 Feb 2017
Family, Community, and Educational Outcomes in South Asia
In this article, we review research on the economics and sociology of education to assess the relationships between family and community variables and children’s educational outcomes in South Asia. At...
by  | On 14 Feb 2017
Union Budget: A Window of Opportunity for Our Children?
In the context of social sector and particularly for children, the Union Budgets have disappointed the marginalized community and the Union Budget 2017-18 further pushed its children to the peripher...
by HAQ Centre for Child Rights HAQCRC | On 06 Feb 2017
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