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Anger Management: Aggression and Punishment in the Provision of Public Goods
The ability to punish free-riders can increase the provision of public goods. However, sometimes the benefit of increased public good provision is outweighed by the costs of punishments. One reason a...
by  | On 21 Feb 2017
Caste Connections and Government Transfers: The Mahadalits of Bihar
The category of Scheduled Castes, created for the purpose of affirmative action in India, is large, heterogeneous and unequal. In 2007, the state of Bihar classified the most disadvantaged among thi...
by Hemanshu Kumar | On 16 Feb 2017
Family, Community, and Educational Outcomes in South Asia
In this article, we review research on the economics and sociology of education to assess the relationships between family and community variables and children’s educational outcomes in South Asia. At...
by  | On 14 Feb 2017
Union Budget: A Window of Opportunity for Our Children?
In the context of social sector and particularly for children, the Union Budgets have disappointed the marginalized community and the Union Budget 2017-18 further pushed its children to the peripher...
by HAQ Centre for Child Rights HAQCRC | On 06 Feb 2017
‘GOING DARK’ in India: The Legal and Security Dimensions of Encryption
Encrypting communications enhances privacy and the security of information services. This, in turn, incentivises innovation in the ICT sector and contributes significantly to the growth of the interne...
by  | On 02 Feb 2017
MDGs to SDGs: Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in India
India, with over 300 million people under the age of 15, is home to the 4 largest population of children in the world. This makes Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH) one of the to...
by  | On 02 Feb 2017
Debating the World in the Asian Century
As Asia finds itself in the limelight, whether in terms of major power relations, rising insecurity and potential for conflict, or economic governance, it is worth asking, even before broaching the re...
by  | On 02 Feb 2017
Bangalore’s Tragedy – A Dead City with Unabated, Unplanned and Untenable Urbanization
Bangalore has been experiencing unprecedented rapid urbanization and sprawl in recent times due to adoption of concentrated developmental path with impetus on industrialization for the economic develo...
by  | On 31 Jan 2017
Safety of Women in Public Spaces in Delhi: Governance and Budgetary Challenges
The study attempts to highlight some of the major hurdles in Delhi’s governance and fiscal policy in ensuring the safety of women in public spaces. Though violence against women is widespread and oc...
by Kanika Kaul | On 27 Jan 2017
The Influence of Gender Budgeting in Indian States on Gender Inequality and Fiscal Spending
This study investigates the effect of gender budgeting in India on gender inequality and fiscal spending. Gender budgeting is an approach to budgeting in which governments use fiscal policies and ad...
by Janet G Stotsky | On 23 Jan 2017
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