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Can Leaders Promote Better Health Behavior? Learning from a Sanitation and Hygiene Communication Experiment in Rural Bangladesh
This study looks at the roles that local women leaders can play in addressing the important environmental health issue of sanitation and hand hygiene by improving access to quality sanitation and hygi...
by Atonu Rabbani | On 25 Jul 2017
Rethinking the Development of Post-War Sri Lanka Based on the Singapore Model
This study explores three major points, namely, Singapore's development process,Singapore's model of economic development, and the economic challenges of post-war Sri Lanka. This study explores pages...
by Sanika Sulochani Ramanayake | On 25 Jul 2017
Making Money Work: Financing a Sustainable Future in Asia and the Pacific
This report explores some of the ways forward. It highlights not just the need to inject more money into investments that contribute to sustainable development, but also to attract funds toward them—t...
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 21 Jul 2017
Metaguidelines for Water and Climate Change: For practitioners in Asia and the Pacific
This publication is a continuation of the APWF Framework Document on Water and Climate Change Adaptation, developed for leaders and policy-makers in Asia and the Pacific in 2012.
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 12 Jul 2017
Harmonization and Standardization of Bond Market Infrastructures in ASEAN+3: ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum Sub-Forum 2 Phase 3 Report
This report is an outcome of Phase 3 discussions under the ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum Sub-Forum 2, which have focused on making bond market infrastructures in the region more inter-operable through the...
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 11 Jul 2017
GST in India: A Key Tax Reform
GST is one of the most crucial tax reforms in India which has been long pending. It was supposed to be implemented from April 2010, but due to political issues and conflicting interests of various s...
by Monika Sehrawat | On 03 Jul 2017
Thailand: Industrialization and Economic Catch-Up
This report identifies some of Thailand’s critical development constraints and discusses policy measures and economic reforms needed to accelerate economic transformation toward a more modern and serv...
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 20 Jun 2017
Wok Bung Wantaim: Using Subnational Government Partnerships to Improve Infrastructure Implementation in Papua New Guinea
This report examines how existing implementation structures established under ADB and National Government investment programs could be used to channel subnational government resources toward priority...
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 15 Jun 2017
Uncovering Heterogeneity in the Relationship between Competition, Corporate Governance and Firm Performance using Quantile Regression on Indian Data
This paper investigates the relation between product market competition, corporate governance and firm performance in Indian manufacturing industries covering the period 2005-2015. Evidence suggests t...
by Indrani Chakraborty | On 19 May 2017
Strengthening Arbitration and its Enforcement in India – Resolve in India
The present paper focuses on the first and internationally the largest mode of dispute resolution, that is, Arbitration. However, prior to looking at how arbitration functions in the country, it would...
by Bibek Debroy | On 17 May 2017
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