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Internet Governance and Developing Countries: Implications for India
The internet has created a one world of information and commerce. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) nearly 40 per cent of the world population is currently using the Interne...
by Research and Information System for Developing Countries | On 05 Oct 2017
DRRM's Design and Implementation Need to Be Beefed Up
This, according to researchers Sonny Domingo and Ma. Divina Olaguera from the state think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), is the problem the government needs to address to re...
by Philippine Institute Studies (PIDS) | On 03 Oct 2017
Federalism: Prospects for the Philippines
The paper aims to consider potential benefits of federalism to the Philippines within the context of two major development constraints, namely, weak economic growth and poverty.
by Romulo Miral Jr | On 03 Oct 2017
Birth of a Think Tank (The Founding of PIDS)
The report narrates that the basic philosophy of its operating principles was carefully nurtured from the start.
by Gerardo Sicat | On 26 Sep 2017
Health Experience of Women: A Gender Perspective
This review paper examines the ill-health experience of women, and whether it has been adequately explored in a socio-cultural context from a gender perspective. A deeper understanding of the wide ran...
by Annapuranam Karuppannan | On 14 Sep 2017
The Political Historiography of Modern Gujarat
The focus of this paper is on the political history of modern Gujarat, which has been an intriguing one. The paper identifies and discusses in the broad landscape of Gujarat’s politics three notable d...
by Tannen Neil Lincoln | On 14 Sep 2017
Gandhian Economic Thought and Modern Economic Development
The report says that a fresh wave of globalisation since the early 1990s has created both hope and despair.
by Sudarshan Iyengar | On 23 Aug 2017
Addressing Intimate Partner Violence in South Asia
The report, Addressing Intimate Partner Violence in South Asia- Evidence for Interventions in the Health Sector, Women’s Collectives and Local Governance Mechanisms, is based on a systemic review of l...
by Rohini Prabha Pande | On 18 Aug 2017
A Political Economy Analysis of the Southeast Asian Haze and Some Solutions
This paper studies the political economy of the Southeast Asian haze and discusses the obstacles that, unless overcome, could prevent a permanent and effective solution to this transboundary pollution...
by Parkash Chander | On 08 Aug 2017
An Approach to Forest and Conservation Policy in Southeast Asia
Forest and conservation policy in Southeast Asia is now at yet another crossroads. Despite decades of efforts, the challenges ahead remain formidable. These challenges include: (i) continued deforesta...
by Gary Bull | On 08 Aug 2017
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