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World Breastfeeding Week 2013 Follow us on : eSocialSciences
Breastfeeding is an extremely important public health issue. Breastfeeding is the optimum method, the natural and most healthy way, of feeding infants. Breast milk is a perfectly balanced source of n...
Lisa Amir, Debra Hector on  Aug 08, 2013
The Effect of Breastfeeding on Educational Attainment: Evidence from Sibling Data
Using data on sibling pairs drawn from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, we estimate the effect of having been breastfed on high school graduation, high school grades, and coll...
Denizhan Duran on  Aug 08, 2013
Does Breastfeeding Support at Work Help Mothers and Employers at the Same Time?
This paper asks whether the availability of breastfeeding facilities at the workplace helps to reconcile breastfeeding and work commitments. Using data from the 2005 UK Infant Feeding Survey, we model...
Emilia Bono, Chiara Pronzato on  Aug 07, 2013
Position Paper on Breastfeeding and Work
The role of the lactation consultant is to provide care, problem-solving, education, and counseling to breastfeeding mothers and their families. These clinical services, however, make up just one pa...
International lactation Consultant Association on  Aug 07, 2013
The Father's Role in Breastfeeding
It is a lucky baby that has a close, loving relationship with both of his parents! Babies need lots of physical contact, and when not nursing, a father's loving arms are a wonderful place for a baby t...
BPNI Maharashtra on  Aug 05, 2013
BPNI Information Notes 6
Breastfeeding is meant to be a comfortable, pleasant experience. Most of us have heard stories of sore nipples. You can avoid this problem most of the time. However, many new mothers still find their...
BPNI Maharashtra on  Aug 02, 2013
BPNI Information Notes 5
During the first few weeks after delivery as the Colostrum "starter milk" is changing to mature milk, your breasts will become full. This normal postpartum fullness usually diminishes within 3-5 days....
BPNI Maharashtra on  Aug 02, 2013
BPNI Information Notes 4
n the proper balance, yeast can be beneficial to our bodies. However, when it becomes too abundant, problems, such as thrush, can develop, making breastfeeding painful. Candida albicans, the organism...
BPNI Maharashtra on  Aug 02, 2013
BPNI Information Notes 3
In many parts of the English-speaking world, pacifiers are called dummies. They stand in for mother's breast, as a dummy stands in for a human being in a department store window or in an automobile cr...
BPNI Maharashtra on  Aug 02, 2013
BPNI Information Notes 2
For some women leaking is little more than an occasional drop or two during breastfeeding; for others it may be copious amounts--sometimes at anything but opportune moments. Many times mothers are giv...
BPNI Maharashtra on  Aug 02, 2013
BPNI Information Notes - Low Blood Sugar and the Breastfed Baby
Hypoglycemia is the technical term for low blood sugar (low concentrations of glucose, the sugar found in blood). When the body's rate of use of glucose is greater than the rate of glucose production,...
BPNI Maharashtra on  Aug 02, 2013
Breastfeeding, Sleep Deprivation, and Postpartum Depression: How To Manage?
Research tindicates that mothers with PPD who do not get enough sleep are at greater risk for more severe depression. There is also research that demonstrates a link between weaning and depression, al...
Annie Annie on  Aug 01, 2013
Sleep Management, Breastfeeding & Postpartum Depression
There are research that indicates that mothers with PPD who do not get enough sleep are at greater risk for more severe depression. The authors conclude that clinicians must address measures to improv...
Katherine Stone on  Aug 01, 2013
Can breastfeeding lower breast cancer risk?
The research on breastfeeding and breast cancer risk, it is clear that this has been a difficult area to study. If breastfeeding does lower risk, the level of protection is small and depends on women...
Debbie Saslow on  Aug 01, 2013
Lack Of Optimal Breast Feeding In Developing Countries
Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a baby’s life can help bring down infant mortality rates and stunting in the developing world, say pediatricians and the UNICEF.
Juliana Chan on  Aug 01, 2013
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