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Saving Lives and Livelihoods 01 Amidst a Once-in-a-Century Crisis: Chapter I, Economic Survey 2020-21
During the unlock phase, demand-side measures have been announced in a calibrated manner. A public...
29 Jan 2021
Budget Speech of Kerala Finance Minister 2021-22
Kerala Budget presented by the Finance Minister.
15 Jan 2021
India's Universal Basic Income: Bedeviled by the Details
The idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI)-—periodic and uncon- ditional cash payments to all citize...
01 Jan 2018
Union Budget 2018-19: Allocation for Supplementary Foods for TB patients: How Adequate?
The Union Budget takes the long needed step of allocating funds specifically for addressing the nutr...
30 Apr 2018
Budget Speech Maharashtra: 2017-18: Part II
Finance Minister of Maharashtra presenting the Budget
18 Mar 2017
Budget Speech Maharashtra: 2017-18 Part I
Maharashtra Budget speech by the Honorable Finance Minister.
18 Mar 2017
Budget 2016-17 & The Indian Economy
A brief summary by Niti Aayog about the pre and post 2016-17 Indian Budget Analysis.
01 Jan 2016
Gender Concerns in the Union Budget 2016-17
The Union Budget has failed to allocate substantiate funds. With less gender mainstreaming and with...
17 Mar 2016
Bihar Budget Analysis 2016-17
The Finance Minister of Bihar, Mr. Abdul Bari Siddiqui, presented the Budget for Bihar for the finan...
02 Mar 2016
Connecting the Dots: An Analysis of Union Budget 2016-17
It presents a comprehensive analysis of the priorities and proposals in Union Budget 2016-17, focusi...
01 Mar 2016
Not a ‘Healthy’ Budget
Disappointingly, the new health policy that appeared to be robust one, has received little support i...
01 Mar 2016
Madhya Pradesh Budget Analysis 2016-17
The Madhya Pradesh Finance Minister, Mr. Jayant Mallayya, presented the Budget for Madhya Pradesh fo...
28 Feb 2016
Vital Stats: Union Budget 2016-17
Trends regarding the central government’s sources of financing including tax revenue, disinvestments...
29 Feb 2016
Budget for Children 2016-2017: Not Even Halfway through its Demographic Dividend
The share of children in the Union Budget 2016-17 goes up to 3.32% showing a slight increase from 3....
01 Mar 2016
Poor Budgeting Leads to Huge Under Spending
Regardless of the allocations for healthcare, there is a systemic reluctance to spend on health care...
08 Feb 2016
Union Budget Speech 2016
Budget speech by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
29 Feb 2016
Budget 2016: Lagging Quality Education; Increase Public Investment to Improve Basic Infrastructure
In the Union Budget 2015-16, there was a reduction in the allocation for school education on account...
01 Feb 2016
An In-Depth Analysis of Railway Budget 2016-17
An analysis of the railway budget.
01 Feb 2016
Economic Survey 2015-16-Volume II
India’s growth story has largely remained positive on the strength of domestic absorption, and the c...
26 Feb 2016
Economic Survey 2015-16-Volume I
This year’s Economic Survey comes at a time of unusual volatility in the international economic env...
26 Feb 2016
Railway Budget 2016-17: Preliminary Analysis
The Minister of Railways, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, presented the Railway Budget 2016-17 to Parliament on F...
25 Feb 2016
Indian Railway Budget Speech 2016-17
Speech of Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu introducing the Railway Budget for 2016-17.
25 Feb 2016
Budget 2016-17: Industry Expectations
The Government has to not only focus on the Indian Economic scenario but also at the World Economic...
18 Feb 2016
Bumpy Road Ahead for Agriculture Sector
Agriculture is important sector for Indian economy. The agricultural growth output and rural income...
17 Feb 2016
Mainstreaming Children in the Union Budget 2016-17: The ‘Mantra’ of Inclusive Development
in order to ensure the inclusion and social security of children, the Central government must pay at...
01 Feb 2016
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