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Growth, Inequality, Poverty and Urbanization

The focus in this paper is on growth, inequality and poverty, particularly in relation to urbanization. The analysis is pursued at three levels of disaggregation: states, districts and the million-plu...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by Arup Mitra | On 01 Aug 2017

Emerging Poverty Scenario: Alternative Development Paradigm for Poverty Elimination

This paper argues that at the present juncture in India’s development the window of poverty elimination provides the appropriate perspective to search for an alternative development paradigm. The alte...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by V.M. Rao | On 13 Mar 2008

Effect of Structural and Conditional Rigidities on Moving a Beneficiary from Passive to Active State: An Empirical Investigation in a Poverty Reduction Programme in Rural India

Most studies on poverty alleviation and reduction programmes emphasize structural bottlenecks, asymmetric information, and rent seeking behaviour. This paper provides an analytical characterization of...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by Arindam Banik | On 19 Jun 2007

Approximate Poverty

The changed survey methodology of the 55th round (and the consequent furore that has ensued) has demonstrated that there is indeed uncertainty surrounding estimates of poverty. The uncertainties conce...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by David Williams | On 30 Jan 2007

Three Conundrums in Measuring Poverty with a Changing Population

This note considers income distribution at two points in time where the population has also changed in some way, constructing three scenarios—population growth, population decline, and a constant popu...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by Ravi Kanbur | On 04 Dec 2006

Poverty, Relative to the Ability to Eradicate It: An Index of Poverty Reduction Failure

In this note we approach the question of relative poverty from a different angle. Fixing the poverty line, we ask: What is the extent of poverty relative to the resources available in the society to e...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by Ravi Kanbur | On 01 Dec 2006

Premature Mortality and Poverty Measurement

There is a glaring paradox in all commonly used measures of poverty. The death of a poor person, because of poverty, reduces poverty according to these measures. This surely violates our basic intui...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by Ravi Kanbur | On 27 Nov 2006

Poverty Knowledge and Poverty Action: Evidence from Three States in India

Even as some households are coming out of poverty, other households are concurrently falling into poverty. Poverty creation and poverty destruction are proceeding alongside. A bottom-up methodology...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by Anirudh Krishna | On 08 Dec 2005

Spatial Inequality and Development: Overview of UNU-WIDER Project

Spatial inequality is a dimension of overall inequality, but it has added significance when spatial and regional divisions align with political and ethnic tensions to undermine social and political st...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by Ravi Kanbur | On 01 Sep 2005

Minimum Wages And Poverty

Textbook analysis tells us that in a competitive labor market, the introduction of a minimum wage above the competitive equilibrium wage will cause unemployment. This paper makes two contributions to...

Category: Poverty and Inequality

by Gary Fields | On 13 Apr 2007