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The ASEAN Economic Community: Progress, Challenges, and Prospects
Serious efforts at economic integration among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) members started only in 1992. Initial obstacles included the widespread pursuit of import substitution...
Category : International Trade
by Siow Yue Chia | On 01 Oct 2013
Regulatory Structure Under EC Competition Laws: Lessons for India
Competition law is different from other branches of law. It is not about the fairness or morality to be instilled in the actions which mark societal behaviour. Instead the rules of competition reflect...
Category : International Trade
by Tarun Jain | On 14 Jun 2009
Safeguard Measures in WTO
The doctrine of precedent is getting established in WTO and seems to be there to stay however much it is argued otherwise. Neglect of this fact means that we are overlooking some of the problematic de...
Category : International Trade
by Sheela Rai | On 08 Aug 2007
Implications of the Growing Role of Services in Asia
This article analyses the importance of international commercial service transactions relating to both trade and investment, which form an essential element of analyzing production fragmentation and e...
Category : International Trade
by Mukul Asher | On 17 Apr 2007
Trade Facilitation: A Brief Negotiating History
This article traces the history of negotiations in the WTO on Trade Facilitation, the only Singapore issue that has survived beyond Doha and Cancun. Last ten years of sustained work by the negotiators...
Category : International Trade
by Shashank Priya | On 27 Mar 2007
Doctrine of Precedent in WTO
This paper contends that the general understanding that precedent system does not apply in the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism. The author argues that the drafters or the negotiators always wanted to...
Category : International Trade
by Sheela Rai | On 09 Jan 2007
Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure for Agreements on Trade Facilitation
This paper outlines a facilitative procedure for settlement of disputes in the area of trade facilitation when the party against which a complaint has been lodged in a dispute happens to be a developi...
Category : International Trade
by C. Satapathy | On 23 Nov 2006
Implications of Rules of Origin: An Analysis
The formulation of appropriate criteria for origin determination is crucial for any country or regional trading block interested in ensuring growth and economic. Perhaps this is the single most impor...
Category : International Trade
by C. Satapathy | On 29 Jul 2006
Evolution of Anti Dumping Measures
This paper looks at how the term ‘dumping’ is understood by the economists, trade and trade officials and multilateral bodies like the WTO and traces the origin and evolution of antidumping measures...
Category : International Trade
by C. Satapathy | On 12 Dec 2005
Trends in Anti-dumping: First Decade of WTO
There has been a significant decline in anti dumping initiations. This is a welcome trend as there is scant support in economic literature for anti-dumping action. The trend might well indicate the ef...
Category : International Trade
by C. Satapathy | On 04 Oct 2005
Trade Liberalization, Poverty And Inequality: Evidence From Indian Districts
Although it is commonly believed that trade liberalization results in higher GDP, little is known about its effects on poverty and inequality. This paper uses the sharp trade liberalization in India i...
Category : International Trade
by Petia Topalova | On 16 Apr 2007
Trade Liberalization And Pollution Havens
U.S. Presidential Executive Order 13141 commits the United States to a "careful assessment and consideration of the environmental impacts of trade agreements." The most direct mechanism through which...
Category : International Trade
by Josh Ederington | On 16 Apr 2007
Work in a Globalising Economy: Role of Outsourcing in India
This paper attempts to examine the different types of outsourcing in India. It is usually believed that globalisation has encouraged the developed countries to outsource their production to the less d...
Category : International Trade
by Sharit Bhowmick | On 05 Aug 2005
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