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Centre for Women's Development Studies
The Centre for Women’s Development Studies(CWDS) was established on 19th April 1980, in the middle of the International Women’s Decade, by a group of men and women, who were involved in the preparation of the first ever comprehensive government report on the ‘Status of Women in India’ entitled‘Towards Equality’ (Report of the Committee on the Status of Women in India, (CSWI), Government of India) and who were later associated with the Women’s Studies Programme of the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). The Advisory Committee on Women's Studies of the ICSSR recommended the need for an autonomous institute to build on the knowledge already generated, but with a wider mandate and resources to expand its activities in research and action. The recommendation was accepted by the ICSSR, and communicated to the Women’s Bureau of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of India. few months later, under the leadership of late Prof. J.P. Naik, the CWDS was registered under the Societies’ Registration Act, 1860 in New Delhi and started functioning since May 1980, with a small financial grant from the Vikram Sarabhai Foundation, under the Chairpersonship of Dr. Phulrenu Guha and Dr. Vina Mazumdar as the Director.

In 1984-85, on the recommendation of a visiting committee appointed by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, CWDS began to receive an annual maintenance grant from the ICSSR and became recognised as one of the Research Institutes supported by ICSSR.
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NEW DELHI - 110001, INDIA.
Tel: +91-11-23365541
Fax: +91-11-23346044
Email ID: cwds@cwds.ac.in
Website: http://www.cwds.ac.in
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Homebased Work in 21st Century
There are many theories and approaches to study the home asked is whether these approaches actually reflect the experiences of the majority of homebased workers in India or was the field of theorisa...
Section:Occasional Papers
by Indrani Mazumdar | Published On 01 May 2018
Women in Politics and the Subject of Reservations
This paper, however, demonstrates that the effective history of thinking about political representation in the form of reservations for women is as old as the women’s movement itself. Feminist enga...
Section:Occasional Papers
by Mary E. John | Published On 01 Aug 2017
Is Domestic Violence a Lesser Crime? Countering the Backlash against Section 498A, IPC
The situation today is that domestic violence is treated as a `social crime’ when compared with violence by strangers, even though it is much more severe in nature. Why is wife beating considered as a...
Section:Occasional Papers
by Shalu Nigam | Published On 01 Jan 2017
Women in NREGA: Issues of Child Care
The present study on evaluation of the NREGA Scheme is intended to assess the impact of this scheme on the status of child care services at worksites of the NREGA, status of facilities available to wo...
Section:Research Papers
by Madhuri Karak | Published On 01 Jan 2015
Unfree Mobility: Adivasi Women's Migration
Tribal community practices and cultures, particularly the lack of traditional restrictions on women’s work and labour, have indeed been a significant factor in bringing larger proportions of tribal w...
Section:Occasional Papers
by Indrani Mazumdar | Published On 01 Apr 2014
Unfree Mobility: Adivasi Women’s Migration
On a hot summer’s day in 1982, while walking through a jungle path in Bankura, West Bengal, anthropologist Narayan Banerjee asked an old Santhal woman who was accompanying him to narrate her experie...
Section:Occasional Papers
by Indrani Mazumdar | Published On 01 Apr 2014
Inequalities Reinforced? Social Groups, Gender and Employment
Based on the last four rounds of NSS data the study explores some dimensions of women’s labour market participation across social groups. [CWDS Occasional Paper No.59]. URL:[http://www.cwds.ac.in/OCPa...
Section:Occasional Papers
by Neetha N | Published On 01 Jan 2013
Women in Indian Engineering: A Preliminary Analysis of Data from the Graduate Level Engineering Education Field in Kerala and Rajasthan
Are there substantial changes in the relationship between women and engineering in recent times? This is a fascinating question to explore especially since it has been so little studies especially in...
Section:Occasional Papers
by Sreelekha Nair | Published On 03 Mar 2012
Gender and Migration: Negotiating Rights - A Women's Movement Perspective
This research responds to the growing demand by mass organizations, for better documentation of women’s migration in India amid reports from activists of great increases in and new and more vulnerable...
Section:Research Papers
by Indu Agnihotri | Published On 01 Mar 2012
Gender Dimensions: Employment Trends in India, 1993-94 to 2009-10
This paper examines some of the explicit as well as not so explicit trends in relation to women’s employment in India from 1993-94 till 2009-10 and argues that they indicate a grave and continuing...
Section:Occasional Papers
by Indrani Mazumdar | Published On 10 Aug 2011
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